Get your hands dirty: Volunteer!

Volunteering at the Farm

Do you like lots of yummy veggies? Are you looking for a reason to get some fresh air and you dont mind getting dirty? Do you sort of know how a shovel works? …Then you are perfect for volunteering at the BeetBox Farm. We have volunteer work parties and more regular weekly opportunities in the summer and fall. 

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Our Community Farm Project

Beetbox Community Farm was born out of the enthusiasm for growing your own food that welled up in our community in the early months of the pandemic. The idea is simple: a coordinated group of gardeners with a little bit of planning, expertise, and equipment from the farm can produce A LOT more food than the same gardeners working alone.

In this program, members volunteer for one shift a week during the growing season (May- early October) to plant, weed, and harvest their crops, and pitch in to maintain the farm. On top of weekly delicious fresh veggies, this program offers the opportunity to get outside, get your body moving, connect with new people, and exchange knowledge. This group is perfect for seasoned or aspiring gardeners who want to grow their own food in a more fun and efficient model!  Registration is in winter. 

“I’m so lucky to be a part of this program (Community Farm). It’s like a grow-your-own CSA! For a relatively low price, I’ve gotten to learn a whole lot about farming and gardening, made new friends, gotten fresh air and movement built into my week, and grown more fresh veggies than I know what to do with.




“My partner and I (along with our daughter) joined the community farm last year and had a blast.  We worked 4 hours a week and brought back tremendous amounts of veggies each week.  The veggies we brought home were slightly different each week depending on what was in season. We learned a lot about farming and growing vegetables. It was really fun to work alongside the BeetBox coordinators and the fellow volunteers.”