Our farm

Better Together

The farmworkers own and run the business together ensuring fair pay and an equal voice.


We follow and exceed Canadian Organic Standard.
We are in the process of certifying the land as Organic.


In 2017 the Beetbox cooperative was founded by a group of young farmers who saw the value of coming together to grow good food. As a workers co-op, the farm is owned and democratically managed by its members. That means the farm is committed to  creating good jobs for new farmers.

When the founders of Beetbox came across the former Riverglen farm in the National Capital Greenbelt, they knew this was a special place. For decades, 230 Davidson’s side road has been an ecological haven for both biodiversity and community. It is surrounded by protected forests and wetlands and has a history of farmers growing with sustainable methods. It also has a special place in the heart of West Ottawa!

By renting a farm in the greenbelt from the National Capital Commission, our farm has the unique opportunity to be neighbors with those who eat our food. We benefit from our quick access to a main thoroughfare, Carling Road,  as well as a network of biking, walking & skiing trails surrounding the farm. The wetlands & forest that surround the farm make it a great place to visit for both people and wildlife!

Following the success of our CSA (vegetable subscription program), Beetbox expanded in 2020 to offer a seedling sale, a line of prepared foods, a farm store, and events throughout the year. We welcome visits to the farm which is right down the road from Bells Corners, Kanata North & Crystal Beach and Brittania.

We hope you come out to see how special our farm in the City is! This farm has good roots!