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The idea is simple: a coordinated group of gardeners with a little bit of planning, expertise, and equipment from the farm can produce A LOT more food than the same gardeners working alone.

Community Farm is like a grow-your-own CSA basket. Participants work a weekly or biweekly shift in our collective garden plot (a ½ acre) at BeetBox Farm.  From May to September, we weed, prep, plant and maintain our collective plot, and harvest a weekly share of delicious fresh veggies from it. This is a separate garden than the BeetBox CSA or farm store gardens.

*Added Flexibility* You can purchase a Half share and join the program on a bi-weekly basis, or a Full Share and participate weekly. We also have a Vacation policy where you can miss up to 4 weeks if you have purchased a Full-share.

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Share Size: Full Share (weekly gardening & veggies) or Half Share (Every other week gardening & veggies)

2024 Shifts Available:  Monday to Thursday from 4pm – 7:30pm and Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8:30am – 12pm. You select one regular shift per week, but you can change shifts when necessary.

Share Price: The market price for the program works out to $19.38 per week for the 18 weeks of bountiful harvests we have planned. Our Sliding Scale has 3 price points: Supporter- Market Price- Access. If you are able*, please consider purchasing your share above the Market Price point as a Supporter as that enables us to offer more shares at the discounted Access price point. Currently we have only a limited number of access shares available. 

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*How to Select Share Price : It’s important to us that if someone is excited about the community farm program, they are able to participate. Toward that end, we are trying a sliding scale pricing option. If you are able, please consider purchasing your share above the market price point as a Supporter as that enables us to offer more shares at the discounted price point. This allows us to diversify our community.

*To learn more about how to assess your relative financial privilege in order to determine which price point might be right for you, please take a look at this Resource about the Sliding Scale .

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Share Size

Full Share (Weekly), Half Share (Bi-weekly)

Share Sliding Scale

Supporter Price, Market Price, Access Price


Monday (PM), Tuesday (PM), Wednesday (PM), Thursday (PM), Saturday (AM), Sunday (AM)