The terms and conditions below lay out important information about our VegBox CSA program. Please read through it very carefully before completing the sign up process.

Core Philosophy

Our VegBox CSA program is based on a very popular model called community-supported agriculture. At its core, CSA is a Partnership between the Members (that’s you!) and the Farmers (that’s us!). Members support their farmer by purchasing a summer/fall “share” in advance therefore sharing in the inherent risks of agriculture, and its rewards. And, the farmers commit to producing the highest quality food following organic growing practices.


BeetBox Responsibilities

As your farmers, we pledge to provide our members with a unique food experience by creating a community of eaters who value good food and healthy soils. Let’s get into the weeds, shall we?

Growing Practices

Our focus is on growing beautiful produce for our CSA members by strictly following the Canadian Organic Standards. This is achieved by:

  • Rotating crop families from field to field, year after year
  • Sowing cover crops to build soil, break pest cycles, and suppress weeds
  • Using specialized insect netting to reduce pest pressure
  • Using row covers as protection from early/late frosts
  • Growing crops in-soil, in greenhouses, to extend the season and improve yields
  • Fertilizing with organic certified amendments only
  • Spraying select crops with organic insecticides; as a last resort only 

Growing Season

Our CSA harvest season runs from mid June to November (as of 2024!). We offer a 20-week “summer share” and a 4-week “fall extension”. We will contact you early June to confirm the start date of the program as it will depend on the weather. All vegetables are grown at BeetBox unless stated otherwise in the newsletter.

BeetBox will act in good faith to provide fresh organic produce for the season but we cannot guarantee quantities or box contents on a given week.


Risk Mitigation + Rewards

Mother Nature can sometimes throw curve balls such as poor weather, drought, disease, early frost, crop failure and other natural challenges. We plan and produce a wide variety of crops to insure a steady supply and limit the impact of natural challenges. However, we can never eliminate the risk of growing in a natural climate.

It’s not all bad news! Sometimes we are rewarded with great weather which yields a bumper crop. As a member of the CSA program, you will reap those benefits.


We are committed to sharing news and upcoming box contents through our weekly email newsletter. Add and to your address book to ensure you receive all our emails.


BeetBox will never sell or share your information. We employ the best practices in cyber security to keep your information safe. We will only send you information that relates to farming, the farm, and our products and services.


Member Responsibilities

Pick up Your Box

As a CSA member, you must pick up your vegetables on your chosen pickup day, and during the pickup window, at the farm. We actually harvest your share prior to your designated pickup day. It’s as fresh as it gets.

Can’t pick up your box? You have four options:

  1. Use one of your “vacations” and skip the week. Read more about this option in the “Vacations” section below.
  2. Change pick up days or switch weeks. See “Switching Times” section below.
  3. Have a friend or neighbour pick up your box.
  4. Donate your box to the Kanata Food Cupboard; our local food bank partner.

There is no refund for unclaimed boxes.

Vacation Policy

Weekly members can skip up to 2 weeks during the season.

Bi-weekly members can skip 1 week during the season.

You must let us know by email ( before Tuesday at noon at the beginning of the week for which you wish to skip a pickup.

When you skip, you receive a store credit based on the value of your weekly box. You can use that credit at our farm store or to purchase your CSA for the following year.


Switching Pickup Times or Weeks

If you want to switch to a different pickup time, say Thursday to Saturday, you may. If you are biweekly, you can switch weeks (NEW for 2023!). You must let us know by email ( before Tuesday at noon at the beginning of the week when you want switch your pickup time for a given week. Tuesday afternoon we make the harvest list and start harvesting your veggies so we need your advanced notice.



How it Works

Come into the farm store. There will be a special line for CSA members where your vegetables will be laid out in bins. There will be a list showing what to take from each bin depending on the size of your VegBox. As the summer progresses, so does the harvest. Expect a smaller box and more greens in the spring and a larger box and more storage crops in the fall. Sometimes there will be choices between two or three items. We encourage you to try new things but we also have 2 options for exchanges. 

Exchanging Items

If there is something you don’t want, swap it for any item in the express exchange bin at the end of the line. Alternatively, you can trade it for something of similar value at the Farm Store counter. At the Farm Store you will also be able to purchase any extras, preserves or prepared foods you may want!

Stay Informed

Educate yourself about the workings of our CSA program by thoroughly reading through the emails and the website. Emails contain important information about the program, what’s in the box, news from the farm, and details about the harvest. Add to your contacts list for CSA-specific information like the starting date.


Be an Active Participant

We encourage you to become active participants in the CSA Program.
Join the BeetBox VegBox Members Only Facebook Group.
Read our Veg of the Week email during the box program.
Visit the farm during CSA pickup times or during pre-planned farm tours and events.
Share your comments, suggestions and concerns by email or in person.
This is one of the great perks of CSA. You can talk with and get to know the farm team!

Pay on Time

We really appreciate when you pay in full at the time you sign up, but we also offer payment plan options if you email us.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash: In person at the farm store or dropped off at the farm as long as arrangements have been made prior.
  • Cheque: Made out to “BeetBox Co-op Farm” with your order number on the “memo” line. Mail it to 230 Davidson’s Side Rd, Nepean, ON K2K 2Z4.
  • Interac e-Transfer: Sent to with your order number in the message section.
  • Credit Card & PayPal: Pay when you sign up on our web store.

The full amount, or the deposit in the case of a pre-arranged payment plan, must be paid to reserve your spot in the program. All payments must be received before April 1st, 2024. Late payments may result in a member losing their privilege to participate in the CSA program. BeetBox will send frequent reminders by email and by phone if necessary.



Cancellation Policy

Program cancellations before June 1st, 2024 will be eligible for a full refund minus a 5% cancellation fee.

Program cancellations after June 1st, 2024 cannot be refunded. BeetBox will have spent a majority of the funds to pay wages and buy supplies and for crops started as early as March. Members are encouraged to find a replacement and collect payment from that person. We cannot guarantee assistance in finding a replacement as we are very busy with the production and harvest at this time of year, though you are welcome to ask us if we’ve got a waitlist already started.

BeetBox has the right to cancel a membership with a full refund minus a 5% administrative fee if the member goes against the farm’s code of conduct as written in this agreement.

Code of Conduct

The BeetBox Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put our values into practice. We expect all of our members, farmers, staff, and volunteers to know and follow the Code. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment or membership to the CSA program.


Our reputation as a farm that our members can trust is our most valuable asset, and it is up to all farmers to make sure that we continually earn that trust.

Suspend Judgment

Let’s celebrate our differences. Live and let live.

Respect Others

Be courteous and polite towards one another. We never know how others are feeling or what they are going through on a given day. Maintain a space where folks can pick up their vegetables in peace, chat with their neighbours, or relax on the farm.


Give us a ring at (613) 416-9171 to chat with someone from the farm team. You can also email us at but this email is not checked every day during the busier parts of the season.

Accepting these Terms and Conditions

By accepting these terms and conditions you:

  • Are agreeing to participate in the BeetBox Co-operative Farm VegBox CSA program.
  • Understand the terms and conditions explained above and are willing to accept the risks.
  • Will pick up or arrange for pick up of your box each week or every other week (if applicable).
  • Understand refunds are only issued as per the conditions listed above.
  • Appreciate locally grown, produce free synthetic pesticides and want to ensure that it remains available in my area by becoming a member in BeetBox’s CSA program.
  • Understand that nature ultimately decides what you will receive and when you will receive it, as a member in both the bounty and the risk.
  • Understand that BeetBox will do their best to provide the sustainably produced vegetable varieties they propose at the times they estimate.