And it begins…!

by | Jun 11, 2017

Spring is in the air, changes are afoot.

We are so very glad to announce that BeetBox Co-operative Farm is taking over the Riverglen Farm lands!

Who is BeetBox?

BeetBox is a workers’ cooperative that will be growing a variety of tasty and wholesome vegetables at Riverglen Farm, using sustainable farming practices. Starting next year, our produce will be available through CSA shares (on sale this December!), at a farm store and at farmers’ markets.

Our team is made up of four outstanding individuals with gumption and grit: Jeremy Colbeck, Lise-Anne Léveillé, David Mazur-Goulet, and Catherine Wallenburg.

What’s happening in 2017?

We have a busy summer ahead of us: we intend to establish more gardens, install structures and remodel existing infrastructure, obtain financing and purchase equipment (all the while working our respective jobs). On a du pain sur la planche.

Meanwhile, Madeleine Maltby and Matthew Mason-Phillips – the cool duo of Backyard Edibles – are renting garden space at the farm and producing top quality microgreens. You can find them at Westboro and Landsdowne markets. Be sure to check out their website and facebook page.

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