We're Growing Flowers

This year we are so excited to offer a flower bouquet CSA
Click hear for 8 weeks of fresh cut flowers...

Thanks for stopping by, Ottawa!

Our radishing, urban vegetable farm grows out of the greenbelt in Nepean and serves West Ottawa. This worker’s co-operative not only provides consistently fresh and high-quality organic produce, it fosters a growing community of lovers of good food. We believe that strong communities are grown from healthy soils and that eaters deserve the right to know how their food is grown.


We want to be your farmers.

What do you say?


CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. At its core, CSA is a Partnership between the Members (that’s you!) and the Farmers (that’s us!). Members support their farmers by sharing in the inherent risks of agriculture and its rewards. And, the farmers commit to producing the highest quality food.

Each week, you pick up a box of the freshest most seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as weekly tips and recipes to help you savour your local bounty! 

We offer an organic CSA pick up at our farm in Ottawa West. It’s flexible in that you can exchange anything you don’t want with an item at our Farm Store. We also have a Sampler Box to try it out! 

Is CSA Right For You?

It’s not for everyone and that’s okay! Check out our free e-book: 6 Questions to Ask Before Joining a CSA!