Organic Egg Share Add-on (2024 CSA Members only)


Exclusively for our CSA members – limited quantity available!

Want fresh eggs from chickens not living their lives in cages?

Delivered straight from a farm 30 minutes away, and within 1-4 days of being laid, these eggs are some of the freshest on the market.

This small flock of hens live in a spacious cage-free environment in an aviary system and have access to acres of pasture when weather permits. This allows them to forage through the field and explore. Their diet consists of a locally-sourced certified organic non-gmo feed in addition to what they forage outside.

Secure a dozen fresh, high quality free-range organic brown eggs from Bekings Poultry Farm to go along with your Beetbox veggies.

Please enter the same Pick Up Time as your CSA Vegbox order.

As a weekly CSA customer, you may choose a bi-weekly egg share. However, bi-weekly CSA customers cannot choose a weekly egg share. This product is non-refundable.

Bi-Weekly = 10 dozen eggs
Weekly = 20 dozen eggs

These eggs are high quality and delicious. Enjoy!

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