May 5 – Jane’s Walk: Sustainable Farming in the Greenbelt

by | May 2, 2018

We believe that everyone who eats should have the opportunity to check out a farm! This walk is a chance to visit a working small-scale diversified vegetable farm, surrounded by forest and marshes, in Ottawa’s Greenbelt.

We will discuss the beautiful landscape in which the farm is situated, the history and wider context of farming in the NCC Greenbelt (guest co-walk-leader from the National Capital Commission), and the exciting economic reality of the farm’s current tenants.



We’ll meet at the Farm Gate at 230 Davidson’s Side Road.  From there, we’ll walk up the long driveway in between the fields to the farmhouse and barns and then walk back to the gate.

The driveway is packed dirt and gravel with a few potholes that can generally be avoided.   There is one puddle that is a few inches deep that can be walked around or possibly rolled through.  There are no hills.  Sturdy walking shoes are recommended.

To reach the farm, take Carling Ave west from Moodie Dr. or east from March Rd.  Davidson’s Side Road is on the north side of Carling, across from the Smithvale Stables.  Drive north on Davidson’s Side Rd to the farm gate, where you can park on the roadside.



May 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Duration: 1.25 hr



The path is generally level, but is uneven and possibly muddy in places.


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Jane’s Walk is a festival of free neighbourhood walking tours that help put people in touch with their city, the things that happen around them, the built environment, the natural environment, and especially with each other.  Jane’s Walk bridges social and geographic gaps and creates a space for cities to discover themselves.  The walks are given by local people who care passionately about where they live, work, and play. Jane’s Walk is a pedestrian-focused event that improves urban literacy by offering insights into local history, planning, design, and civic engagement through the simple act of walking and observing.

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