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Invest in your community (farm)

It takes a village to feed a village

BeetBox incorporated as a worker’s co-operative one year ago.  It may appear as though we chose this business model from a list of corporate structures on a bland government form.  But there’s much more to it.

We came together to feed our community healthy food and earn a living wage.  Earning a fair wage as a farm owner or worker is a difficult undertaking; most employment opportunities are seasonal and, in Ontario, don’t need to pay the minimum wage…unbelievable, right?

We searched for land high and low.  We toiled on our business plan.  We negotiated a long term lease.  And, we invested tens of thousands into the project.

That hard work is paying off. This year, we are growing fresh, soon-to-be-certified-organic vegetables for more than 100 customers while establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with individuals and local organizations.

It all boils down to this…

Establishing a thriving ecological farm business requires us to grow quickly.  Expansion requires funding.  We could get a traditional bank loan but where’s the fun in that?   

The Opportunity

Invest in your community farm by purchasing BeetBox Class B Series 1 Preference Shares.

Step 1: Support the local food system.
Step 2: Participate in a unique initiative.
Step 3: Profit.

For a limited time only, purchase Class B Series 1 Preference Shares.

The broad strokes:

  • 5 year term, 3% annual dividends + capital return
  • Capital will be repaid over a two year period starting in the third year
  • Priority repayment over investments made by founding members

$32,500 was invested as of June 30th, 2018.  A huge thank you to all our supporters!  A second series of shares will be available in the fall of 2018.

Don’t delay, request an investor’s package today and be among the first to invest this fall!


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