Invest in your community (farm)

The worker-members of BeetBox Co-operative Farm – Janice, Jeremy & Angela – are so thankful for the community investment shares that grew this farm!

It takes a village to feed a village…

BeetBox came together to make change by feeding our community healthy food while earning a living wage. We searched for land high and low. We toiled on our business plan. We incorporated as a worker co-operative in 2017. We negotiated a long-term farm lease. We invested tens of thousands of our own savings into the start-up. We also raised $90,000 in community investments in 2018 & 2019.

That hard work has begun to bear fruit. We now grow fresh,  local-organic vegetables for hundreds of West Ottawa residents, and existing community investors received their first annual dividend payment in 2019. We are establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with individuals and local organizations.

To grow BeetBox to a financially sustainable size we continue to diversify our operations, recruit more members, and to grow more crops that are profitable. We could have gotten a traditional bank loan, but where’s the fun in that?

It all boils down to this…

We needed your help to keep growing. Community investment provides an opportunity for you to have direct positive impact on sustainability, job creation, and food and economic system change, right here in Ottawa. Instead of giving money to a bank, you are joining us in the fight for a better world through better food!

The Opportunity

Thank you to community members, friends and family who have invested in this community farm by purchasing BeetBox Class B Series 1 & Series 2 Preference Shares.

Step 1: Support the local food system.
Step 2: Participate in a unique initiative.
Step 3: Feel Good & Profit.


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